Anton M. Katz

Barrister & Solicitor

Business  “Agreements” and “Disagreements”

Small Business Lawyer – Toronto

Anton M. Katz is a business lawyer based in Toronto, Ontario.  Established in 2001, Anton has experienced steady growth and has built up a vast network of clients, small to midsize business owners, lawyers, accountants and other professionals.  Along with his dedicated team, Anton provides legal services in the areas of corporate and commercial law.

As a small business owner himself, Anton is acutely aware of some of the many challenges a small business will face. As such, he has a passion for helping small businesses navigate their legal challenges. Anton is dedicated to helping small business owners with all of their legal needs, from registration and incorporation, asset and share purchase agreements, commercial leases and customer contracts and everything in between.

Anton is a strategic thinker. He looks at a matter thoroughly and from all angles before deciding his approach. He is entirely committed to advocating on behalf of his clients, while being timely and cost-effective. He is also an excellent negotiator who brings a sense of honesty and fairness to the table.

Anton adopts a friendly, client-centered approach while guaranteeing commitment to quality service, adherence to strict standards, expert legal advice and results.

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With over 25 years of corporate law experience, Anton M. Katz, Barrister & Solicitor is dedicated to helping small business owners with all their legal needs.

During your free half hour consultation, he will meet with you, review your legal needs and give a brief overview of your options. He will discuss the estimated costs and develop a preliminary budget and plan of action that works for you.

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Our goal is to provide cost-effective and timely legal solutions for our clients. We provide services in the area of corporate-commercial law. Our office is conveniently located at Yonge St., north of Sheppard Ave., Toronto, easily accessible by transit and the major highways.